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Tutoring with InterGreat 

InterGreat assists students in pursuit of an international education. We know we need the experience of experts to help students achieve their goals in terms of international curriculum and study abroad. We have numerous types of opportunities for great teachers across our multiple platforms and projects, from online teaching to delivering seminars overseas. We also advertise for permanent positions teaching overseas; more information can be found here.

InterGreat values our clients and our teachers alike. Our academic support team has an excellent response rate. We also take your privacy seriously (recruitment privacy policy). Our teacher recruitment is based out of our London Global Head Office. 

How our CampusMate Platform Works

The majority of our online tuition and tuition invoicing takes place through our CampusMate platform (https://campusmate.com). Students pay for and book all online lessons and proofreading through the website via a tutor profile page before tuition takes place to guarantee you receive secure payment for your time. We use Zoom for our live lesson space. We require all tutors to have a quick training session with one of our team before teaching, which is also a good opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Lesson Policies

- Cancellation

If you need to cancel a lesson, you must notify the client more than 24 hours in advance of the lesson. We consider this to be rescheduling and it is acceptable as long as it doesn’t happen too often. If the class is cancelled within 24 hours of its start time, this will be recorded and our quality assurance team will be notified. Tutors may have their accounts disabled if they accumulate a large number of cancelled lessons. If a student cancels a lesson with you more than 24 hours in advance, we consider this to be rescheduling and you will be able to arrange another time for this lesson. If a student cancels a lesson with you less than 24 hours in advance, you will still receive payment for this lesson.

- Lateness

If you are less than 15 minutes late, that is fine and you can just add the time on to the end of the lesson. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will need to teach this lesson again.


All invoices submitted before midnight Sunday (GMT+0) will be paid by the following Friday. Please ensure that your address and bank account details are up to date on your tutor profile when you generate an invoice, otherwise, payment cannot be made. To guarantee payment, please ensure that all tasks and lessons are booked through our platform before they are carried out.

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