What we do

Transnational Education

InterGreat works with overseas institutions to establish TNE partnership programmes, joint-delivery organisations and local delivery centres. As recruitment is key to TNE...

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Online Learning

We connect international students with the best tutors and study resources, covering subject tuition (GCSE, A-level, AP, IB and more), admissions guidance and test preparation.

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Study Abroad

InterGreat has a range of services and tools that help students on their study abroad journey. We cover three main areas with a global admissions platform, admissions testing...

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Student Journey

InterGreat's initiatives, products and services allow students of all ages to access international education. See a case study below showing how we can help.

//www.intergreat.com/sites/default/files/styles/crop_304x304/public/ieg-home-block/Anny casestudy.png?itok=UE6zLZSG

Anny's parents decided to send her to the UK at a younger age. Our School Study Abroad Service offers tailored packages with support on the whole journey.

//www.intergreat.com/sites/default/files/styles/crop_218x245/public/ieg-home-block/CM Platform_1.png?itok=UWDTaOKI

Anny struggled with the academic work in her new environment, but the ongoing support from InterGreat, guardianship and our online international curriculum tutor platform soon helped Anny to excel in her studies.

//www.intergreat.com/sites/default/files/styles/crop_218x245/public/ieg-home-block/A2 platform_1.png?itok=4nCkeDgo

In the sixth form, Anny used InterGreat's HE Study Abroad Service and ApplyTo Online Application system to provide her with the advice and tools she needed to make the right choice for her undergraduate study. 

With a place at Oxbridge in reach, Anny once again made use of InterGreat's database of admissions specialists and exam preparation experts to allow for the greatest possible chance of success.

//www.intergreat.com/sites/default/files/styles/crop_218x245/public/ieg-home-block/wolfson-college cambridge_1.jpg?itok=5BWgY627

Anny was finally accepted for a place in Wolfson College, Cambridge.


Allen studied in a public school in China with average grades.

//www.intergreat.com/sites/default/files/styles/crop_218x245/public/ieg-home-block/CM Platform_2.png?itok=CrmCdm0G

During the holidays, Allen used InterGreat's online tuition platform to improve his English.


In order to get into a top school in the UK, Allen used his Gaokao results to apply for a University of London International Foundation Programme at BFSU.

During the same year, using InterGreat’s online application platform, Allen made a successful UCAS application to LSE PPE

//www.intergreat.com/sites/default/files/styles/crop_218x245/public/ieg-home-block/A2 platform_2.png?itok=Yfini4GR

With the help of IEG's IELTS website, Allen reached a score of 7.0 and was finally accepted by LSE.

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