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Transnational Education

InterGreat works with overseas institutions to establish TNE partnership programmes, joint-delivery organisations and local delivery centres. As recruitment is key to TNE initiatives, IEG has an in-house academic recruitment operation, working with UK independent schools, universities and industry associations to establish a database of TEFL teachers, certified subject teachers and senior leaders in international education. From fly-in faculty to overseas placements, InterGreat Recruitment gives quality assurance in terms of academic support for TNE projects.

Online Learning

We connect international students with the best tutors and study resources, covering subject tuition (GCSE, A-level, AP, IB and more), admissions guidance and test preparation. We have a great database of tutors with strict recruitment guidelines and quality control measures in place. Our teachers are Oxbridge graduates, examiners, subject-experts, retired lecturers and more.

Study Abroad

InterGreat has a range of services and tools that help students on their study abroad journey. We cover three main areas with a global admissions platform, admissions testing websites and an international curriculum tuition platform. With the core value of planning well for a successful future, IEG offers tailored study abroad consultation services, focusing on helping students from an early age with boarding school, homestay, guardianship services, independent school exchange experiences and academic summer camps.

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International Education
on the ground

InterGreat works with institutions, local partners and local governments to establish varied TNE projects giving students access to international education in both their home country, overseas or a mixture of both.

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Education in the cloud

InterGreat recognises the power of edtech to making education accessible and efficient. We believe technology allows more students to access the best educational resources around the globe and InterGreat develops products and tools to make this happen.

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We are always on the lookout for people passionate about international education to join the InterGreat team. Our Academic Recruitment department also sources teachers, tutors, subject experts, headteachers and senior leaders for own projects and our many partners around the world. Join Our Team InterGreat Recruitment